Who we are?

Your transportation needs specialize? Trust us to deliver the merchandise! For all your shipments throughout Quebec, Canada and the United States, Transport CMP is the right partner for you.

Transport, storage, trailers and fardiers

In particular, we focus on our transportation of machinery, specialty materials transportation and exceptional transportation on major construction sites, dams and mines in northern Quebec and across Canada.


The following principles reflect our values, define our culture and guide our actions:

  • Driving with humility and respect.
  • Gaining trust through authenticity and responsibility.
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Practice leadership and demand the highest standards in the industry.


Ensure safe, efficient and high quality transportation at fair prices for all our customers in North America.


Transport CMP is responsible for obtaining an eManifest for your international mandates. A licensed carrier ACEL The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system is a processing system for developing trade by US Customs Customs and Border Protection). The ACE (Secure Data Portal) portal essentially acts as a personalized web page. It is a one-stop shop, centralized and accessible online for communications and information related to shipments of merchandise. All carriers are required to enter the manifests and bills of lading providing details of the goods, And other information required before entering the United States. An electronic manifest, or eManifest, is simply a manifest or bill of lading electronically filed with the system. IPEC is the equivalent of this system in Canada.

Trust a transportation company that joins the ACE program! With Transport CMP, your products will remain in Customs for less time!

Transport CMP – A carrier located in Neuville that meets PEP requirements

The requirements of the Preventive Maintenance Program
The PEP is a preventive maintenance program established by the SAAQ that ensures the mechanical condition of vehicles. A vehicle owner wishing to join the program must therefore meet the following requirements:

Requirements for the place of maintenance
Preventive maintenance of vehicles should be carried out in suitable locations. A suitable place is a place where mechanics can perform preventive maintenance under normal working conditions twelve months a year. A closed and heated place is necessary in order to allow a good preventive maintenance.

Requirements for mechanics assigned to preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance of vehicles must be carried out by qualified mechanics. In order to meet the requirements of the program, mechanics must be qualified to carry out heavy vehicle maintenance, that is to say, to have passed an examination recognized by the SAAQ exclusively for the preventive maintenance of road vehicles. Among other things, mechanics must be able to demonstrate their ability to perform work related to suspension, steering and braking systems.

Preventive Maintenance Program Requirements
As part of the PEP, the vehicle owner must meet the requirements for frequency of focusing, mechanical elements covered during maintenance and record keeping.

Mechanical inspection of our fleet is carried out at each return trip by our mechanics accredited by the preventive maintenance program (PEP) of the SAAQ .

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